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Child Bunk Beds - A Fun Way
to Save Space

There are 2 reasons to consider child bunk beds. One is that they are just plain old fun. The other is you simply don't have a room big enough to accomodate 2 typical beds. Most fall into the latter category.

Bunk beds can be placed against a wall to maximize floor space. If the room layout is difficult due to windows, doors, or closets it can also be placed with just the head area against the wall.

Another space saving advantage to these beds is now many come with additional storage space under the bottom bed in the form of drawers. You could also make or buy an underbed storage box to maximize your storage space and organize your child's room.

Bunk beds make sense in many rooms simply for space reasons. It is a smart alternative and there are also more styles available than there were years ago. This makes it easier to choose the right bunk bed for you child.

Check out SimplyBunkBeds.com for a great selection of child bunk beds and more. They have over 300 styles and have the largest bunk bed selection on the web.

Bunk Beds

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