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Kid Captain Beds - A Dresser and Bed
All In One

Kid captain beds are great ideas for a small room or any room that needs extra floor space. These are wonderful options to a regular bed. The drawers are right under the bed! This is such a great idea for a child's room because they can reach all of their things in the drawers - that translates to a more independant child.

Have you ever wondered what was lurking under your child's bed? I can tell you I have found a variety of items under my kids' beds. I also got the "Oh, so that's where that was!" expression. Well, in these beds the storage is built in under the bed. No more searching for lost things under the bed in fact you eliminate unwanted items under the bed altogether.

Many also come with a built in headboard which includes a bookcase or storage area. Therefore, one less piece of furniture in the room if you were planning on a separate bookcase as well.

Kid captain beds do have many advantages if you have a small room and limited storage. So, check out these beds and see if any are right for you!

Kid captain beds are just one way to maximize the storage space in your child's room.

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