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A Kid's Toy Box - A Great New Version
of the Old Classic

For some reason a kid's toy box seems kind of reminiscent of one you would have seen years ago at your grandmother's house. There is a reason why it is something that people use for kids room storage.

Well, it is a classic - something we are all familiar with and have seen at some point in time. But what most of us are not familiar with is that a kid's toy box is something that has also changed with the times - and that is one of the great things about them. Yes, they still come in the classic wooden style, but they also come in a variety of styles and materials now. Finally, you can also match one to your kid's room style.

Storage Considerations

A kid's toy chest is great for kids' room storage but only if it is used appropriately. Use toy chests for large toys - this is not he place to pile small items - you will only find yourself digging through toys unable to locate what you need easily.

If you absolutely have to put smaller items here consider using bins to help sort and divide. (I use plastic wastecans. I needed 3 so I measured the space and found 3 bins that wouls fit nicely. They can also be pulled out when needed). Or if you or someone you know is handy, you could install your own wooden dividers.

A kid's toy chest is also good for plain old storage needs. Store off season clothing, sports equipment, sleeping bags, extra blankets or pillows.

One very important safety consideraton is the lid. If you are going to be using a toy chest in a room for a small child make sure it has safety hinges to protect their little fingers from being pinched. Or if you are using it to simply store items make sure it is locked and the key is in a secure place.

Improvement on the Old Classic Style

Another alternative to the tradition kids' toy chest is a trudle toy chest. It is basically a toy chest with drawers - finally someone thought of it! Now you don't have to dig through items. It is like using a dresser or bureau.

The Final Word on Finding a Kid's Toy Box

So, if you are considering a kid's toy chest there are some great choices now available. Whether you pick classic or modern they can really add a lot to your kids room storage space regardless if it is in a bedroom or a playroom.

Even if you are picky, you can find a great kid's toy box at iToyboxes.com. They have a grear selection of style and color. Click the kid's toy box link or the image below to go there now.

Toy Boxes

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